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Your IT Advantage

Technology is the Way of the Future: It’s All Systems GO!
At Stockdale & Leggo our vision encompasses the whole picture. Our 3-Dimensional approach to technology gives you greater capabilities than you ever thought possible.

  1. Your IT – Optimises internal operations and promotes you and your office
  2. Marketing IT – Secures more listings and heightens your property marketing power
  3. Office Plus CRM Program – Helps fulfil your business’ potential via sophisticated communications and management strategies

Our state-of-the-art communication, databasing, marketing and management systems are custom-designed for maximum productivity and profit-building. The software is easy to use – especially with intensive support during transition, training where required, and ongoing support – anytime!

Broader Capabilities: More Intensive Support
– Our advanced, far superior electronic capabilities – plus our tech-savvy team of specialists – help you and your team reach peak performance levels faster.

Here’s How:
Your IT: Specialised communication systems including the Stockdale & Leggo Intranet, resource-rich software for superior operations, information access across all key areas, and tailored extensive marketing materials for high-impact business promotion – everything you and your staff need to run a successful office with the highest levels of professional excellence.

Marketing IT: Get the most powerful message to the highest numbers of the most likely clients with:

  • Marketing and Merchandise Centre for comprehensive marketing materials and merchandise for promotional purposes
  • Interactive Audio-Visual iPad
  • Presentations, including marketing images, videos, testimonials, market information and more, for informing and building rapport with prospective vendors
  • QR Codes, or promotional barcodes for scanning with a mobile phone to give buyers instant mobile access to property details, photos and agent and office information
  • Social Networking Media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs to get more people interacting with your listings, office and staff members, giving you a whole new world of opportunity
  • 24/7 Vendor, an exciting new Vendor Feedback System whereby vendors login to our website and access online information about their property, including inspection comments and the latest developments
  • Our Online Partners, and associated buying power, with alliances such as all major realestate portals
  • Exclusive website for prestige properties

Our Innovative Website
An industry stand-out by far, our website is a powerful communication and business development resource that has the brand working for you worldwide 24/7. A vital information exchange tool for buyers, vendors, landlords, tenants and agents, it also features: unique web pages for each franchisee, their office and listings; our E-Mag Welcome; audio-visual technology for market commentary, and much more.

OfficePlus CRM Program
OfficePlus reflects a business strategy that focuses on the client. It is essentially a specialised, very powerful Business and Customer Relationship Management resource that delivers radically innovative communication solutions which translate into greater profits.

This outstanding tool does an extraordinary amount of work on your behalf – giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. It also greatly enhances the productivity of your business development, sales and property management teams.

Here Is Some Of What It Can Do For You:

  • Track contacts, listing appointments, listings, sales and rentals for easy, overall management of the tasks that make you the most money!
  • Eliminate manual, time-consuming processes, improve efficiency & productivity; give you more time
  • Easily develop and maintain an extensive database for buyer matching and marketing purposes
  • Drastically improve your reach and strengthen client relationships via hard copy marketing or e-marketing to relevant database members via mail merging, bulk email, newsletters & SMS
  • Develop action plans and create tracking activities: monitor the sales process; activate business development initiatives; or map out a marketing or public relations campaign
  • Generate property-specific marketing and promotional materials, along with inhouse sales and rental magazines either independently or with neighbouring Stockdale & Leggo agencies
  • Produce crucial business performance reports and projections and use tools of analysis that add up to smart business solutions for creating the most remunerative businesses
  • Used well, and with our support if desired, it grows and nurtures the right clients for your business